As 2020 brought about many challenges, one of the many aspects of SIZA that remained constant was our dedication to ensure quality and credible third-party audits. Despite all the challenges surrounding the practicality of audits, SIZA continued to ensure that all auditors remained competent and in line with regulatory and requirements and demands.

In line with the SIZA competency requirements, all SIZA accepted social (ethical) audit companies and auditors need to be registered with the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA). Currently, SIZA has 23 Registered Social Compliance Lead Auditors (RA), three Associate Social Compliance Auditors (ASCA) and one Certified Social Compliance Auditor (CSCA). Along with ensuring all audits and auditors meet the requirements set out by APSCA, SIZA will continue to engage with audit companies and audit teams allowing for a transparent and reliable process. SIZA auditors also need to adhere to further requirements as set out by the SIZA programme. Compliance with these requirements is evaluated regularly to make sure all audit outcomes are credible and reliable.

SIZA recently accepted and acknowledged Partner Africa as one of the recognised third-party social audit companies. This brings the total to seven accepted and recognised audit companies that can conduct SIZA social (ethical) third-party audits. For a full list of the audit companies accepted by SIZA, feel free to go to:

Any person who wishes to verify the audit company and/or auditor can visit the APSCA website ( and type in the registration number of the audit company/auditor. This information will also be available on the SIZA audit report.

Currently, SIZA accepts three audit companies to conduct Environmental third-party audits. For the list and contact details, go to As with the Social (ethical) module, SIZA prides itself on the calibre and quality of audit companies and auditors involved with the scheme. There are currently 10 accepted SIZA Environmental auditors. These auditors were all accepted based on background, education, and performance in the field of environmental management systems, conservation, and knowledge. These auditors also meet additional requirements such as being recognised by GLOBALG.A.P. to conduct Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) audits.

SIZA will continue to maintain the integrity and credibility of the third-party audit system by ensuring a rigorous oversight programme, hands-on monitoring, and dedicated evaluation.