A total of 19 Social audit disputes were logged with SIZA from January to September 2020. All 19 disputes followed the formal SIZA Dispute Process whereby formal feedback from the audit company was provided, and subsequent feedback from the SIZA Audit Expert Group. To date, all 19 disputes have been resolved in full.

Overall, audit disputes consisted of:

  • The interpretation of the auditor on harassment and abuse.
  • Employees cooking in accommodation.
  • Calculation of rest periods during and after shift-work.
  • The incorrect payment of overtime (calculated on maximum time per week or month instead of daily contracted hours).
  • Incorrect information provided to the audit company prior to the audit, resulting in several findings pertaining to contracts and number of employees not available on site during the audit.
  • Dissatisfaction regarding risk ratings of findings (severity).
  • The interpretation on rest periods and meal breaks after 5 hours of work.
  • The democratic election of a worker representative committee due to historical strain.