To ensure the credibility and transparency of the SIZA Environmental programme, as well as meeting market requirements, third party environmental audits are conducted by accredited, independent audit companies.  SIZA is committed to establishing processes to ensure that the SIZA Code monitoring and measurement can be carried out in a manner that is consistent with the SIZA Environmental Standard and the SIZA Environmental Audit Process and Methodology. 

SIZA has embraced a third-party audit approach, aiming for a credible and objective evaluation that accurately reflects both the audit outcome and the relevant social and/or environmental requirements within a business. Consequently, aspiring auditors seeking to audit according to the SIZA standard must apply to one of the recognised audit firms. Upon appointment by a specific firm, adherence to certain stringent criteria becomes essential and a prerequisite for recognition.

SIZA remains dedicated to establishing robust processes, ensuring that monitoring and measurement of the SIZA Standards align with the programme's methodology and adhere to the SIZA Social and/or Environmental Standard. Given the challenges inherent in auditing, it is imperative to select individuals who are not only well-suited for the position but also willing to embark on the demanding and costly journey to become a Lead Auditor. Thus, careful consideration of traits and commitment is vital for success in this chosen career path.

For more information about the SIZA Environmental auditor competency guidelines and the auditor and Audit Oversight Policy, please review the following documents:

SIZA Environmental Auditor and Reviewer Competency Requirements

SIZA Audit Oversight Monitoring Evaluation Policy


The following audit companies have been recognised by SIZA to conduct Environmental audits:


BSI Group South AfricaChristof Boshoff+27010040643
All Regions
Control Union South AfricaDivan van Zyl+27824582898 / +27828583620dvzyl@controlunion.comAll
NSF AfricaElize van der
NSF AfricaEronel
SGS South AfricaStephan
All Regions