To ensure the credibility and transparency of the SIZA Environmental programme, as well as meeting market requirements, third party environmental audits are conducted by accredited, independent audit companies.  SIZA is committed to establishing processes to ensure that the SIZA Code monitoring and measurement can be carried out in a manner that is consistent with the SIZA Environmental Standard and the SIZA Environmental Audit Process and Methodology.

For more information about the SIZA Environmental auditor competency guidelines and the auditor and Audit Oversight Policy, please review the following documents:

SIZA Environmental Auditor Competency Requirements_Aug2019

SIZA Audit Oversight Monitoring Evaluation Policy


The following audit companies have been recognised by SIZA to conduct Environmental audits:



Contact Person

Telephone no.


Area covered


BSI Group South Africa

Charlene Holm

+27823100469 / +27120040279

All regions

Control Union South Africa

Melinda Dolby


All regions

NSF Africa

Brian Windsor


All regions