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As the Lockdown period in South Africa resulted in many children not being able to return to school, but parents were set to return, the influx of children in the workplace became a reality.

SIZA het ook aan die begin van die inperking pro-aktiewe maatreëls ingestel om SIZA-lede gedurende die afgelope paar maande by te staan ​​sodat hulle sover moontlik kan voortgaan met die handhawing van goeie besigheidspraktyke, sosiaal/etiese nakoming, en verantwoordelike omgewingsbestuur. Daarom was dit belangrik dat SIZA ‘n gebeurlikheidsbenadering tot SIZA-oudits kommunikeer om die betrokke risiko’s te […]

Thus far, 2020 has been an eventful and busy year for us all — especially so for SIZA. While the national lockdown has created challenges for businesses and individuals throughout South Africa, SIZA launched the brand-new platform, MySIZA, while simultaneously working hard to embrace the challenges posed by the pandemic and creating a safe and […]

Due to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, SIZA will be implementing an audit procedure that will allow Environmental Third-Party audits to continue. While still adhering to the SIZA Environmental Audit Process and Methodology (APM), two options will exist.

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