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From 01 April 2023 until 31 March 2024, 713 SIZA Social (ethical) Audits were conducted in South Africa on farms and packhouses. These audits were conducted throughout various seasons and included a wide variety of agricultural crops and commodities.

The cost of compliance has always been a sensitive and uncomfortable subject. The aim of compliance is not to create financial strain on the business but a requirement to ensure a third-party certification body has evaluated specific requirements of a standard required by the farm’s clients/buyers.

Housing – is the producer responsible for unmade beds, dirty dishes, or other hygiene matters inside an occupant’s house?  If a business offers accommodation to its workers, certain legislative requirements are applicable to that business, and also certain compliance criteria will be measured. The “state of the occupants living arrangements” is not regulated by law, […]

In a world where accountability and ethical practices are gaining priority, it is heartening to witness producers not merely settling for the status quo. The spotlight is on those who are not content with minimum compliance but are embracing a proactive approach, championing a best practice mindset.

With a growing awareness and mounting pressure for the agricultural sector to address the numerous environmental challenges facing our planet, the industry has embarked on a journey towards enhancing its environmental sustainability. In South Africa, producers, packhouses, and processing facilities now have the opportunity to gradually progress towards environmental sustainability by collaborating with SIZA once […]