SIZA endorse, on top of its own requirements, the auditor’s recognition programme as designed by The Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) as the platform for its own audit scheme. The Auditor Competency reference tools describes WHO can perform audits and will be used as the basis for the recognition of auditors for the SIZA programme.  Audit bodies must independently submit their registration to APSCA for the equivalence process and only those who go through and completed the programme successfully, will be recognized by SIZA.   To learn more about APSCA, please follow the link:


This will ensure the independence of the audit bodies from the SIZA programme and the robustness of the process.  A Service Level Agreement between SIZA and the Audit Bodies will be put in place once they completed the APSCA requirements.

SIZA is committed to establishing processes to ensure that the SIZA Code monitoring and measurement can be carried out in a manner that is consistent with the SIZA Standard. For more information about the SIZA Auditor competency guidelines, please click on the link below:






SIZA recognized the following Audit Bodies to conduct Ethical Audits:



Tel No


Area covered


Control Union

Mariessa Erasmus

+27 83 794 2811

All Regions


Natasia Nel

+27 11 396 1101

All Regions

NSF Africa

Nico Mostert

+27 21 880 2024

All Regions


Fahmeeda Khan

+27 11 800 1000

All Regions
 SAI Global  Jacques Williams  +27 21 850 0510>  All Regions