As the Lockdown period in South Africa resulted in many children not being able to return to school, but parents were set to return, the influx of children in the workplace became a reality. The SIZA Social Standard (code requirement 4.1.4) stipulates that in cases where children are residing on the farm, where their parents are provided with accommodation on-site, they should be prohibited from participating in any work activities or other endeavours which could expose them to harm or undue risk. Management should:

  • Formulate an adequate policy stipulating the conditions in the workplace
  • Ensure that parents understand the business policy very clearly
  • Understand that children are not only prohibited to perform duties, but should also be excluded from the workplace altogether (unless a supervised educational tour was arranged and agreed to)
  • Communicate that it is not acceptable for children to accompany their parents into the working area
  • Consider the potential risk of all minors at all times

For more information on the prohibition of child labour, see SIZA Social Standard by visiting the SIZA Social Standard