SIZA has endorsed the adoption of the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) Reference tools as the platform for its own audit scheme.

The GSCP is supported by various retailers, including Tesco, Walmart, M&S, Ahold, Migros, COOP Switzerland, ICA, Delhaize, Carrefour and local retailers such as Pick ′n Pay, with the aim of harmonizing ethical requirements and avoiding duplication of audits while ensuring global standards are adhered to. The GSCP has created a set of open-source Reference tools in order to achieve convergence around an ethical code (GSCP Reference Code) (GSCP Reference tools on Audit Process and Methodology) (GSCP Reference tool for Auditing Competence). This will allow for exchange of information amongst retailers and brand manufacturers. The GSCP is not a certification or accreditation body, but encourages buying companies and organizations such as SIZA to use these tools as the basis for their own programmes. 

SIZA used the GSCP reference tool as the platform for the development of its own standard and aligned this to South African law. South Africa has endorsed major ILO conventions and most of these requirements are included in its labour laws which are included in the SIZA Standard.  SIZA submitted the SIZA Standard to the GSCP for the Equivalence Process and an international Panel of Experts, appointed by the GSCP, reviewed the level of equivalence of the Standard to the GSCP Reference Code requirements. This process was completed in August 2012 and updated in 2016.  The GSCP ‘Share and Compare” facility allows GSCP members to access the review outcomes. The results of the equivalence process are also available from the SIZA office in PDF format. The result of the SIZA standard is a single standard for South African farms and pack houses that is based on local legislation and a global standard and which is recognized by most retailers.