The simple answer is, yes. Transportation should be available between the agri-worker’s place of residence and the workplace at the start and end of the agri-worker’s night shift.

Remember the following points regarding night work:

  1. For agriculture, all work conducted between 20:00 and 04:00 will be considered night work.
  2. Agri-workers must agree to conduct night work
  3. Workers must receive a night work allowance of at least 10% of their daily wage
  4. Transport must be made available to workers at the start and end of night shift
  5. Employers must explain all health & safety risks to workers
  6. At the request of the agri-workers, medical examination can be conducted, for the account of the employer, concerning any potential hazards for the worker
For more information regarding night work of farmworkers, feel free to visit the SIZA Social Standard or go to Sectoral Determination 13, Section 17 for legal guidance and explanations.