Where groups of people work together conflict could arise for a number of reasons, including interpersonal issues, how workplace policies and procedures are applied, and unhappiness about the conduct and behaviour of others in the workplace. To keep the working environment healthy, it is always better to try and settle any conflicts or resolve any disputes as informally as possible. Employers should also provide employees with a formal trustworthy mechanism for raising their grievances. In cases where the case cannot be resolved, and it falls under the scope of the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), employees or employers can refer the case to the CCMA.


What disputes may be referred to the CCMA?

  • Unfair dismissals
  • Unfair labour practices


What is an unfair labour practice dispute?

  • Unfair behaviour by the employer relating to the promotion, demotion, probation or training of an employee or relating to the provision of benefits to an employee;
  • Unfair suspension of an employee or any other unfair disciplinary action short of dismissal in respect of an employee;
  • A failure or refusal by an employer to reinstate or re-employ a former employee in terms of any agreement; and
  • Occupational damage, other than dismissal.


The CCMA can be contacted by email: info@ccma.org.za or by visiting the website: https://www.ccma.org.za/Contact