As ethical and environmental auditors, communication forms a key and integral part of the process. Communication starts at the very beginning, when the SIZA member schedules an audit. It is expected to communicate effectively with auditees during this entire audit process. Audit schedulers and auditors need to ensure that the client is well-informed at all times and set the tone for the rest of the process.

Every successful auditor makes a special effort to get to know the individual they are working with. It is also expected as part of SIZA’s auditor competency requirements, that auditors not only have a background in agriculture, but that they continuously ensure they understand the industry they are going to audit in.

Good communication and the right attitude are the most important part of a successful audit. If you as the auditor communicate well, it will spark off on the auditee which will in return cooperate in full so that the audit process can be a successful and productive experience.