Since South Africa banned the importation and exportation of asbestos, as well as the use and manufacturing of the mineral in 2008, many businesses have struggled to get completely rid of certain asbestos-containing material. It is commonly found in roofs and side-walls. Regardless of the reasons, asbestos has been proved to be very dangerous and can lead to lung cancer and other serious illnesses when exposed to asbestos.

The SIZA Social Standard stipulates in code requirement 7.3.9., that the business must have an asbestos policy on site where asbestos is present and will report any work involving asbestos to the Department of Employment and Labour. The asbestos policy must include workers housing and any other area that are deemed a high-risk due to possible asbestos contamination. In all instances, asbestos must be treated as a high-risk substance and must be handled according to legislation. For more information on the asbestos policy, visit the SIZA Standard: