Managing personal data is never an easy task. SIZA, along with its members and registered consultants, must ensure a legal and ethically responsible method for the access and sharing of data at all times. To combat possible challenges and unlawful behaviour, the expectation rests with members to manage their own profiles and to not share their login details with others. It is often an expectation that external consultants manage these accounts on the member’s behalf, and then access was given to their profile. In accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), personal information cannot be shared without the necessary written consent from all parties involved. Consultants must please remember that the requirements of the POPI act is a requirement that should be implemented throughout all levels in the value chain, i.e., between the worker and the producer as well. Contracts of employment must also be updated accordingly.

SIZA implemented the level 8 profile option at the end of 2020 for registered and recognised consultants whereby consultants are granted access to their clients’ profiles separately, by being added to the members’ profiles as a secondary contact. The level 8 profile provides an overall list view of all their clients and makes information management on a particular profile, much easier. This registration also allows the consultant to become a Remedy Programme whereby their details will be visible to all members who need additional assistance in correcting certain non-compliances after a third-party audit.

One of the 29 registered consultants, Cornel Lourens from Compufarm CC t/a Microfarm, noted that being able to see the list of all their clients’ SAQs start en end-dates is very useful. This allows for a more structured focus and planning approach for both member and consultant. “The feedback received after the SAQ is completed is easily accessible and comprehensive enough to understand exactly what is further required”. The level 8 profile will allow consultants to complete the necessary information on the SAQ as they receive it from the member.

Another registered consultant, Elna Meissner from HESQ Solution, explained that it is important that the client remains involved in the process. “The platform provides the unique opportunity for consultants to guide and assist clients, without spoon-feeding them. The responsibility still remains with each client to implement the systems within their business throughout the year”. Meissner further noted that a great benefit of the SIZA programme is ensuring continuous improvement by allowing the completion and update of information annually. Lourens and Meissner commented on how easy the MySIZA platform navigates and found that it definitely contributes value to the overall process and managing business operational requirements.

SIZA would like to thank each and every consultant who has already registered and continuously drives improvement amongst agri-businesses in South Africa and neighbouring countries. The consultants and business who are currently registered are listed below:

Business/Association Primary Contact Email
Anita Smit Agri Consult Anita Smit
Barvallei Personeel Dienste Reynette Joubert
Basic Agri Solutions Eben de Flamingh
Chill Agricultural Consultant Christa Hill
Compufarm CC t/a Microfarm Cornel Lourens
CT HR Services Candice Terink
Ethical Compliance A-Z Carol Munro
Ethical Solutions (Pty) Ltd Leon Diederichs
EZ Agri (Pty) Ltd Melinda Viljoen Dolby
Farmkonsult (Pty) Ltd Laurean Young
Fira Consultancy Minet Schmidt
Fire Engineering Solutions Markus Swart
G Lombard Consulting Gwen Lombard
GikaGAP Konsultasie Anneke van Dyk
Heleen Rossouw Heleen Rossouw
HopkinsCoetzee Assosiate PTY (Ltd) Johan Hopkins
Jani Gaybba Jani Gaybba
Kaap Agri Werkgewers Organisasie Johan Hopkins
Leeuwklip Lionel Bisschoff
Lynda Schwulst Lynda Schwulst
M Pretorius Consultant Marisa Pretorius
Masunel CC t/a Procare Western Cape Petra Nel
Patricia Hanekom Patricia Hanekom
Skyvines cc Francois Brink
Stinga Consulting and Trading Tom Mabesa
Stronger Together South Africa Abraham Daniels
Tag Consulting Anna De Kock
Total Solution Partners (Pty) Ltd Marjorie Smith

If you are a consultant working with SIZA members, please contact Lynn Taute at (021) 852 8184/ to register as a level 8 member on MySIZA.