Producers are urged to contact any and all of the seven approved audit firms to attain quotes for their audits before they take place. Each audit’s cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the number of employees, the number of farms/facilities, and where the site is located. It is also important to remember that during social audits, various interviews must be conducted with the employees. The sample size and number of interviews are determined by the audit process and methodology requirements which results in social audits taking longer to complete, which also adds to the cost of the audit.

Furthermore, looking at social auditors in particular (which is true for other disciplines such as environmental auditors as well), the length of time it takes for these auditors to become trained, skilled and recognised before they are able to perform audits as a lead auditor is also a determining factor in the cost of audits. Auditors have to undergo various assessments by global regulatory bodies, such as APSCA, and the applicable scheme such as SIZA, and conclude a number of shadow audits at their own expense before they are able to submit an application for acceptance. The auditor is further required to maintain their competency and continuously develop their skills through courses, calibration sessions, and annual training to ensure the evaluation remains thorough and meets market demands.

SIZA provides a variety of audit firms for producers to choose from to ensure they pay a market-related price. All of SIZA’s recognised audit firms have auditors available throughout South Africa, and sometimes an auditor may already be in your area, which can reduce travel and accommodation costs. For these reasons, it is important that producers contact the firms to determine which option will work best for them. Here are all the details: