SIZA strives to ensure continuous improvement among agri-businesses, allowing for economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship throughout the supply chain. This goal is achieved by ensuring reliability, ethicality, and consistency among the SIZA approved third-party audit entities. The aim of the SIZA Audit Oversight Monitoring & Evaluation Policy is to describe the rationale and process for the recognition and calibration of audit entities and auditors to ensure quality, competency, and compliance are maintained throughout the process.

SIZA endorses the auditor’s recognition programme as designed by The Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) as a requirement to audit companies to apply for acceptance to be recognized by SIZA. On top of this requirement, SIZA’s Auditor Competency reference tools describe who can perform audits, and will be used as the basis for the recognition of not only audit companies, but also auditors for the SIZA programme. Audit companies must independently submit their registration to APSCA for the equivalence process, and only those who complete the programme successfully can apply to be recognized by SIZA. To learn more about APSCA, please follow the link:

The competency and accreditation of the audit company is crucial to the integrity of the SIZA audit programme. Part of this process ensures the objectivity and reliability of the audit company. By adopting this approach, SIZA ensures its independence from the audit companies and drives a robust and reliable process. A Service Level Agreement is in place between SIZA and each audit firm to ensure adherence to the APSCA and the SIZA audit oversight principles.

SIZA is committed to establishing suitable processes to ensure that the SIZA Code monitoring and measurement can be carried out in a manner that is consistent with the SIZA Social Standard and the SIZA Audit Process & Methodology

For more information, review the SIZA Auditor and Reviewer Competency Requirements here.

For more information on the SIZA Oversight and Monitoring Policy, feel free to review it here.

SIZA recognises the following Audit Companies to conduct Ethical/Social Audits:


Approved Social Audit Companies

NSF AfricaElize van der
Control UnionMariessa Myburg+27837942811
BSI Group SAChristof Boshoff+27210040279
All Regions
Partner AfricaEmarie van Schalkwyk +27216805397
All Regions