As the SIZA programme has positioned itself as a multisector global leader in the drive towards continuous improvement as well as managing risks for producers and buyers through its rigorous third-party audit systems, it is no surprise that more than 34 different commodities are represented by the SIZA programme. The high variety of commodities is likely due to the large market acceptance across the globe of the SIZA programme and the value-added services offered by SIZA. SIZA Audits are not focused on a specific crop or commodity but include the full management system, therefore everything in the business is included in the SIZA audit scope, which allows the value to be seen throughout the business.

Although fruit commodities represent the majority of the membership, various other primary agricultural commodities are members such as vegetables, flowers & ornamentals, bread/grain & bakery products, dairy products, eggs, meat, tea and other beverages, sugar, seasoning & preservatives and more.

The SIZA programme boasts with a cumulative membership of 3 526 farms/packhouses. This agri-wide representation speaks to the programme’s effectiveness in its goals, but also to the wide market acceptance of the programme globally. This is not only very positive for SIZA, but also for each agricultural producer.

To amend or add your commodities to your MySIZA profile, please contact / 021 852 8184 to have it changed or corrected.

Full list of Membership Commodities:

Commodity Percentage of total commodities registered as members
Citrus 25,59%
Stone Fruit 13,91%
Pome Fruit 13,48%
Table Grapes 10,98%
Subtropical 6,92%
Wine Grapes 6,56%
Fresh Vegetables 4,81%
Berries 3,66%
Nuts & Seeds 3,36%
Pomegranates 1,22%
Figs 0,86%
Dried Fruit 0,79%
Canning Fruit 0,79%
Tea & Beverages 0,79%
Meat 0,79%
Flowers & Ornamentals 1,06%
Olives 0,59%
Bananas 0,63%
Persimmons 0,53%
Kiwis 0,43%
Guavas 0,46%
Grain, Bread & Bakery Products 0,40%
Granadilla 0,36%
Sugar 0,26%
Wool / Mohair 0,16%
Dragon Fruit 0,10%
Dairy Products 0,10%
Seasoning & Preservatives 0,07%
Eggs 0,07%
Pineapples 0,03%
Poultry 0,07%
Marine 0,03%
Other 1,88%