PathCare Laboratories have sent out a notice explaining that due to a worldwide discontinuation of the Whole Blood Cholinesterase Assay (CHE), PathCare can unfortunately not continue to offer this service anymore. CHE is used to test for exposure of chemicals to crop sprayers, along with other individuals exposed to hazardous chemicals. As the biological monitoring and determination of CHE-levels is an important factor during social audits to assess whether workers are not overly exposed and to identify additional treatments if needed when employees are exposed, businesses are now required to utilise alternative tests/assessments to ensure that the biological monitoring continues as per legal requirements.

PathCare and other laboratories have identified alternative assessments, such as a serum CHE. Although clinicians and occupational health practitioners should assess and be aware of potential limitations when using serum CHE as a marker, this alternative will allow for the necessary assessments to be done. Businesses should consult their medical practitioners and specifically the relevant occupational health practitioners for the assessments needed for their chemical spray operators as part of the biological monitoring.