If a business operates multiple crops and commodities which fall into different harvest/peak production cycles, e.g., a winter commodity and a summer commodity, and the workforce differs, then the audit must occur during the highest peak production cycle, where the most workers are present. The following can be used as guidance:

  • For social audits, one will look at the season that utilises the highest number of employees.
  • If the business operates packing or processing facilities on site, these facilities must be operational during the audit.
  • If two separate facilities are used in different seasons, the business has the option to register two separate profiles on the MySIZA platform to ensure each facility can undergo its own audit in the correct peak production season, as the audit cannot be completed in full unless the auditor can verify all the facilities in operation.
  • Please remember that two different audits cannot be uploaded on the same profile. If a supplier wants to do their audits separately, they must register two different profiles with different company names.