In order to monitor the impacts of your business on the environment and to track progress made towards sustainability, recordkeeping of production inputs should be at the heart of all business operations. Without the recording of production inputs, management would not be able to make decisions based on company performance or previous trends. Therefore, the implementation of a sufficient recordkeeping system should be a priority for any business.

As recordkeeping and target setting for the foundation for continuous improvement, the SIZA Environmental Standard monitors the recordkeeping of production inputs and outputs across the four cornerstones of the environment namely: soil; water; energy, materials & waste; and biodiversity. Throughout the SIZA Environmental standard, the recordkeeping of production inputs and usage of natural resources is monitored and as part of the drive towards continuous improvement, the standard also encourages the implementation of measurable targets. As part of an effort to simplify the recordkeeping of production inputs and performance, SIZA is implementing a digital recordkeeping function as part of the MySIZA platform, which will allow management to interpret the effectiveness of current management practices based on their data inputs.

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