The cost of SIZA Membership Fees is contingent upon the specific SIZA modules chosen, as well as the global platforms, such as Sedex or GLOBALG.A.P., you choose to have visibility on because your buyers are requesting transparency.

Upon registration, members can opt for any combination of modules such as the:

  • SIZA Social (Ethical) Standard
  • SIZA Environmental Standard
  • Digital Recordkeeping
  • Sedex visibility
  • Social and/or Environmental GLOBALG.A.P. visibility.

SIZA provides visibility options like GLOBALG.A.P. (GRASP/Environmental) and/or Sedex to enhance transparency with buyers.

The membership fee that you pay to SIZA is the only cost that is paid to SIZA. If you receive an invoice from any third party indicating additional audit fees, administration, or training costs, claiming that it is related to SIZA, you need to discuss this with the specific company. Please note that fees related to a third-party audit specifically are also external fees payable to the audit firm that you select to conduct the audit. SIZA does not determine the cost of a specific audit.  SIZA only claim an admin fee from the audit firm.

SIZA Membership fees include various benefits, such as access to the following:

  • Training webinars
  • Live area training
  • A comprehensive toolkit
  • SIZA office support
  • Site visits
  • Participation in the SIZA CARES programme
  • A variety of document templates; and
  • Guidelines to the Law in support of the SIZA Social (Ethical) and Environmental Standards.

Membership levels will be updated

We are in the process of evaluating the MySIZA platform against the site information on your third-party audit reports to ensure that all suppliers are registered at the correct level. If your profile is not registered at the correct level according to specification, we will adapt the level on the MySIZA platform to ensure that your profile is up-to-date and in line with your third-party audit data.

GLOBALG.A.P. visibility

Also to ensure that we can push your data to GLOBALG.A.P. via the API link between the two platforms, members with GLOBALG.A.P. visibility need to ensure that their SIZA membership registration is similar to their GLOBALG.A.P. membership. Unfortunately, we can only use a GLOBALG.A.P. number once and for only one profile. If you have more than one SIZA profile with the same GLOBALG.A.P. number, you will have to combine those profiles under a multisite level with one GLOBALG.A.P. number, or you will have to allocate different GLOBALG.A.P. numbers to the profile. The SIZA office will reach out to members where the same GLOBALG.A.P. number is associated with multiple accounts in order to rectify the situation.

If you believe that your profile may be registered incorrectly, or if you have any questions related to membership registration or your GLOBALG.A.P. visibility, please contact the SIZA office on +27 (0)21 852 8184 or by sending an email to