On the 19th of November 2019, SIZA publicly opened the applications for all independent third-party audit companies to apply to become recognised to conduct SIZA Environmental audits. To date, SIZA has received applications from five audit companies to conduct SIZA Environmental third-party audits. Upon review, SIZA provisionally approved three companies to conduct SIZA Environmental audits based on the competency criteria set out by SIZA’s audit and auditor competency requirements. The approved audit companies are:

  • BSI Group South Africa
  • Control Union South Africa
  • NSF Africa

As part of the approval process for SIZA Environmental auditors, the 17 pre-approved auditors who attended the SIZA Environmental Auditor Training completed an assessment to test their knowledge of the SIZA Environmental Standard, the SIZA Environmental APM, technical knowledge on environmental legislation and general understanding of the SIZA Environmental Programme.