For the 2019/2020 sample group, a total of 72 farms were verified of which the majority were located in the Western Cape. The outcomes and feedback from second-party verifications so far have been overwhelmingly positive. With second-party verification forming part of SIZA’s internal monitoring procedures, the sample size for 2020/2021 was selected in December 2019. A total of 78 farms have been selected to be verified as part of the 2020/2021 sample size.

Second-party verifications during COVID-19 lockdown

Verifications will continue as planned from 01 May 2020 when South Africa moves to Level 4 lockdown regulations. In order to limit unnecessary exposure of verifiers and SIZA members, a document review process will take place prior to the on-site verification visit, thereby limiting the time spent on site and decreasing the risks of infection for both parties. Members that have already been informed of their inclusion in the second-party verification programme will be contacted to reschedule site visits and to explain the process going forward, as well as safety procedures that will be put in place to protect all relevant parties during the site visits.