Audits can continue in accordance with the SIZA APM by having a full on-site SIZA Environmental audit conducted by the auditor visiting the facility. This will be subject to all regulated Occupational Health and Safety regulations, as set out by the South African Government. Businesses should furthermore agree to meet the required precautionary measures prior to the auditor visiting the site. These precautionary measures will be communicated by each audit company during the scheduling process.

In instances where it is not possible to conduct a full on-site audit due to travel restrictions, the SIZA Environmental audit can be conducted in two parts, i.e. a remote desktop review (90% of the checklist), followed by an on-site visit once access to the facility becomes possible.

Both options can be requested as a combined audit with GlobalG.A.P. IFA audits.  Members will be able to request third-party Environmental audits to be conducted form the 1st of June 2020 on the MySIZA platform.