When it comes to SAQs, there are three important dates that producers need to keep in mind. These three dates are:

  • The start date,
  • Expiry date, and
  • End date.

The start date refers to the date on which the SAQ is created, which is linked to membership renewal. Once a member pays their membership fees for the upcoming period, the new SAQ is automatically created on MySIZA. The expiry date is exactly 90 days after the start date and indicates the date by which the SAQ needs to be completed and submitted for review and approval. Lastly, the end date is one year from the start date and is also linked to membership expiry. Once the membership is renewed, a new SAQ will be created again to replace the previous SAQ.

When it comes to SAQs there are five status updates that producers have to note:

  • Capture
  • In review
  • Rejected
  • Approved
  • Expired

When an SAQ is in capture, it means that the new SAQ has been created and is ready to be completed/updated by the member. Once the SAQ has been updated and sent to the SIZA office for review, the status will change to in review. SIZA admin will then review the SAQ and if any changes need to be made, it will be indicated on the right-hand side of the SAQ screen in the chatter box and the status will change to rejected. Once the required changes are made and the SAQ has been resubmitted for review, the status will change to approved if the changes made are adequate. Finally, if an SAQ is not updated and submitted for review before the SAQ expiry date, the status will change to expired and will be flagged as a high risk on the risk reports of the buyers.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Lynn Taute (info@siza.co.za).