We hereby inform suppliers and SIZA members that from the 31st of December 2020, SAI GLOBAL will no longer be visible as a recognized audit company on the MySIZA Platform. The reason for this is that Aspirata Certification (an Affiliate of the NOSA group of companies) has acquired the SAI GLOBAL South Africa operations in 2020. The acquisition means a bigger footprint in the local and international markets and exposure to these markets for their customers. Therefore, the current SAI GLOBAL profile will be cancelled, and because of the change in management, Aspirata will have to re-apply for acceptance as an audit firm with SIZA in 2021 once they are approved by APSCA.

SIZA will continue to offer services from the six currently accepted audit companies. Members can view these audit companies here. SIZA is also in the process of reviewing two other audit companies that are interested in joining the SIZA programme. All SIZA members will have the option to select an audit company of their choice to have their SIZA social/ethical audit conducted. If you have any questions on this matter, please feel free to contact SIZA at 021 852 8184 / info@siza.co.za.