As SIZA continues to gain market acceptance across the globe, it remains important for members and audit companies to pay attention to specific requirements from certain retailers and buyers. As SIZA is currently accepted by 293 businesses across 20 countries, the aim will always be to generate more markets for South African growers. The Canadian retailer, Loblaws, has recently communicated to audit firms their requirements in terms of audits. These criteria include that fact that audits should be conducted annually and by recognised audit companies. To see the requirements and the list of SIZA-approved audit companies who can conduct these audits, refer to the table below.

Loblaws Acceptable Report Criteria •        Date of audit must be no more than 10 months from the submission date.

•        Must be a full audit scope or a follow up submitted along with the full initial audit report.

•        Must be performed by one of the following audit firms:

•        Intertek

•        SGS

•        Control Union


We would like to urge the other audit firms to try their utmost best to also gain acceptance from Loblaws.