All hazards must be clearly identified through appropriate signage in all areas where hazards have been identified. There must be appropriate signage displayed in areas that have been declared hazardous, where hazardous activities occur, or where hazardous substances are stored and/or handled (General Safety Regulations GN R1031, Reg2B). Signage increases workers’ safety awareness and helps to reduce the risk of workplace accidents. It is important for the following reasons:

  • Signs indicate the potential of immediate danger, which means action must be taken, or that something is prohibited.
  • Signs indicate that precautionary steps should be taken to ensure safety.
  • Signs indicate escape routes or first aid/measures to assists in times of danger.

Signage must be appropriate and properly displayed. More importantly, workers must understand the meaning of the signage and the hazards the warning is about. This should be covered in the awareness raising session as part of the induction process.

Feel free to obtain more information from the SIZA Guide to Health & Safety Management: