The Emerging Grower Compliance programme is an essential part of SIZA’s involvement in ensuring that producers are encouraged and guided to embark on their journey towards compliance and self-sustainability. The goals of this programme are to support emerging growers, facilitate and encourage their compliance journey, and enable these growers to access local and global markets.

The programme is specifically aimed at producers who want to become compliant, but do not know how to start the process. SIZA’s aim is to provide assistance to growers over a three-year period to become compliant in order to grow their business and expand into becoming market ready. These outcomes depend on the compliance status of the grower.

The SIZA Emerging Grower Compliance programme is implemented through regular on-site visits, assistance on the MySIZA platform, continuous communication, planning and implementation of management systems, assistance with audit preparation, and continuous monitoring. The objective of the programme is that growers will become confident to make SIZA Compliance a lifestyle on their site so that they can continue their compliance journey on their own.

The importance of building relationships is essential to SIZA, and the Emerging Grower Compliance programme is a key initiative not only in ensuring that growers are supported and encouraged throughout their compliance journey, but to nurture relationships and promote the South African agricultural industry.

For more information, feel free to  contact Clio Borman for social compliance and Reginald Scholtz (  for environmental assurance