In modern agriculture, agrochemical applications are a common practice used to manage crop nutrient requirements and control damaging pest and disease outbreaks. The usage of these agrochemicals, however, comes with its own risks towards the surrounding environment and human health.

South Africa is considered a semi-arid country that relies on dams for water supply. In addition to having half the global average annual rainfall, the country has high evaporation rates (due to its abundant sunshine).

Alistair Galloway has long been passionate about environmental sustainability and has secured an MSc in Conservation Ecology from Stellenbosch University. His MSc project was his first step into the sustainable agriculture realm, where he did his research on citrus orchards within the Sundays River Valley, Eastern Cape. He has experience in the sustainable agriculture industry […]

With the agricultural industry being a significant contributor to climate change, the SIZA Environmental Standard goes beyond the management of associated risks through the implementation of SIZA’s online Digital Recordkeeping Programme, which will allow members from all sectors and commodities (at the local and global scale) to capture their production inputs and calculate their carbon footprint to monitor progress made towards sustainability targets.

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