Membership profiles play a vital role for each SIZA member. The profile serves a multitude of functions such as establishing a reference tool for buyers and indicating the correct business name that is used for exporting produce. Sometimes profiles need to be cancelled and it is very important to understand the process of cancelling a membership profile on MySIZA.

The cancellation of member profiles can only happen once written confirmation is received from the owner of the business, stipulating the registered name of the business, the membership number, and the reason for cancellation. It is important to note that once the membership is cancelled, the Audit Confirmation Letter is automatically also cancelled. It is also important to keep in mind that when a profile is cancelled on MySIZA, the profile on Sedex will be cancelled as well, and the link to GLOBALG.A.P. will be removed.

When should a profile be cancelled?

  • When a farm/packhouse or agri-business is sold, i.e. change in ownership.
  • When the business no longer wishes to partake in the SIZA programme.
  • It is very important to remember that once a farm or business is sold, the owner must cancel their current SIZA membership profile. If the profile is not cancelled, the business will continue to receive notifications, correspondence, and reminders from MySIZA. The business will also be liable for the annual membership fee and completion of the Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) until membership is formally cancelled.

What happens if the previous business had an audit?

Membership and Audit Confirmation Letters are not transferrable to the new owner. If an audit was conducted on the site, and afterwards the site is sold, the audit will no longer be valid, and the new owners are not entitled to use the Audit Completion Letter issued under the previous owners’ information. The reason for this is because the centralised management system changes with the new ownership along with the practices on the site. Continuing to use an Audit Completion Letter which was issued to the old business is deemed highly unethical.

Should you decide to cancel your membership profile on MySIZA, please contact Lynn Taute to assist you with the process. Email: / Tel: (021) 852 8184.