Although SIZA focuses on avoiding duplication in audits for South African producers, producers still require three pillars for sustainability audits which includes: social, environmental, and a food safety audit. The food safety element is covered by GLOBALG.A.P. IFA and is therefore a completely different audit to a SIZA Social audit. As both communities (people) and the environment (planet), as well as food safety play a pivotal role in the journey towards sustainability, one may ask; why three separate standards and three separate audits?

To comprehensively manage social (ethical) and environmental risks and food safety within the supply chain, it is crucial to assess these aspects of a business independently by expertly trained auditors who are skilled in these three specific areas. The SIZA Social audit requires social compliance to be measured on all levels of the business with a specific focus on the human aspect and is, therefore, a more extensive and longer audit. Because people are subject to change and there are often changes in staff, the SIZA Social audit is not the type of audit that can be done on paper or with a set checklist. Food safety audits focus on the product, while the environmental audit focuses on environmentally sustainable aspects. All three of these areas require different skillsets and knowledge.