During the last several months, various producers indicated that the language used on the audit day between the auditor, producer and employees caused frustration and difficulties on the day. Auditors are recognised once they are able to provide proficiency in both English and Afrikaans, and several auditors can speak or interpret many other languages as well. If the business is predominantly operating in one particular language, for example Afrikaans, producers can opt to request an Afrikaans auditor for the audit. The language of the workforce should also be clearly indicated during the application process to ensure the audit firm can arrange for a translator if need be. Please remember that the translator is as important to a successful audit than the auditor.  It is a market requirement that worker interviews need to take place and therefore the predominant language as well as a trustworthy translator are extremely important.

It is very important that the business work shoulder-to-shoulder with the audit firm in order to determine the most suitable solution for the social and/or environmental audit.

For more information on the SIZA Audit Process and Methodology, feel free to view it on the SIZA website here.