Work is deemed continuous unless it is interrupted by a meal interval. The producer and the agri-worker may reach an agreement in writing to:

  • reduce the meal interval to not less than 30 minutes; and
  • get rid of a meal interval completely for an agri-worker who works fewer than six hours on a day.

Remember that the first break must occur directly after 5 hours of work unless the employee only works for a maximum of 6 hours for the day. The break can also occur before 5 hours of work if required.

General information regarding rest periods are:

An employer must grant an agri-worker:

  • a daily rest period of at least twelve consecutive hours between ending work and starting work the next day;
  • a weekly rest period of at least thirty-six consecutive hours which, unless otherwise agreed, must include a Sunday.

For more detailed information, feel free to refer to the Section on Rest Breaks in the SIZA Guideline on Working Hours and Wages.