All business owners are responsible for implementing social and environmental requirements throughout the business. The SIZA Standards make clear reference to the requirement that senior management in the business should document and oversee the implementation of the business’s policies related to the Standards. This means that senior management must deal with the ethics, fair labour practices, and environmental assurance policies and must sign and commit to these policies and procedures. A member of senior management can be the owners or someone in the business who was appointed to serve in a decision-making capacity in the business. This person must have the authority to implement these practices throughout the business.

A senior manager in the company must sign the following policies and procedures:

Social compliance:

  1. Fair labour practice (human rights) policy.
  2. Policy on prohibiting bribery, corruption, and fraud.
  3. Policy on forced and bonded labour within the business.
  4. Ethical recruitment policy.
  5. Policy regarding child labour and young workers.
  6. Policy regarding freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  7. Equal opportunities and/or non-discrimination policy.
  8. Non-discrimination policy regarding health (e.g., HIV, TB, etc.).
  9. Discrimination, harassment and abuse policy.
  10. Disciplinary procedure.
  11. Health and safety policy.
  12. Policy on on-farm accommodation.
  13. Transport policy.

Furthermore, the following signed documents must also be available:

  1. Formal appointment letter of the senior manager responsible for employment equity.
  2. Formal appointment letter of the senior manager responsible for health and safety.
  3. Formal appointment letter of the senior management representative who implements the social responsibility policy.
  4. A documented formal review must be done by management (annually) on the effectiveness of the business implementation.


Environmental compliance:

  1. Environmental management policy.
  2. Policy on the protection of pristine natural areas.

For assistance in understanding what these policies must contain, you can view the applicable standards on the SIZA website: