When SIZA auditors note any discrepancies between the member’s profile or SAQ information and the information they gathered during an audit, they need to inform SIZA immediately. These discrepancies can include:

  • Incorrect employee totals provided by the member prior to the audit,
  • Incorrect SAQ information,
  • Missing PUCs or production sites,
  • When the packhouse is not operational,
  • Incorrect membership level e.g., registered as a Level 1A, but should actually be a multi-site,
  • Etc.

It is very important for SIZA members to capture their information accurately when they register with SIZA or when they update their annual SAQ. Auditors need to utilise their knowledge and attention to detail to establish any possible difference such as commodities listed on SAQ or facilities on site. Discrepancies should be communicated to SIZA in order for SIZA to rectify the information on the member’s profile.

Auditors can contact Lynn Taute at the SIZA office at (021) 852 8184 / lynn@siza.co.za.