SIZA engaged an impartial consultant to facilitate an equitable, unbiased, and dependable review process of the Accommodation Guideline. The process of updating Version 3 of the Accommodation Guideline commenced on March 6, 2023. The proposed changes were also subjected to discussion and review during public forums held for both producers and markets on July 24th and 31st, 2023. Some of the legislation that was reviewed and incorporated in the guideline include the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the General Safety Regulations, South African National Standards, South African Building Regulations, the Extension of Security Tenure Act (ESTA), Sectoral Determination: 13, the Asbestos Abatement Regulations, to name a few.

While no substantial modifications were introduced during the review, a comprehensive re-evaluation was conducted to determine which elements within the guideline align with best practices and which requirements are supported by national standards and legislation. Each section of the guideline will now distinctly indicate whether the stipulated requirements are fundamental legal obligations or alternatively offer suggestions as best practice recommendations. This will make it easier for producers to apply the minimum requirements and implement the suggested Best Practices when its needed to drive a more effective system in their business when it comes to agri-worker accommodation.

Changes in Summary:

  • Added description of what a Dwelling is in accordance with legislation.
  • Expansion of guidance under health and safety training.
  • Legal references added at the section for Floor Space.
  • Fire risk and legal requirements indicated under the section for cooking facilities.

No changes are implemented on the audit checklist, as the minimum legal requirements remain the same. Auditors are also required to evaluate previous and current maintenance plans, alongside commitment from management before raising a finding.

The new version of the guideline will be published once a professional layout has been completed and will be available on each member’s MySIZA platform profile. The latest Accommodation Guideline can also be viewed here:

For more information on the SIZA Accommodation Guideline, feel free to contact Werner van Dyk at 021 852 8184 /