As a SIZA code requirement, having an adequate grievance procedure is important for any business. Grievances can occur within any business and if they are not resolved, they may result in detrimental effects, a breakdown in relationships between management and employees, cause scandals, or negatively impact production efficiency. Third-party audits continue to identify areas of non-compliance which indicate room for improvement and a definite need for awareness among SIZA members. SIZA has partnered with PROCARE to compile a course where the focus will be on building relationships and which will aim to provide all those involved in the business, from management to supervisor to employee, with the necessary skills to utilise the grievance procedure effectively.

PROCARE Western Cape is a private practice of social workers situated in the Western Cape and was established in 1998 with the focus on rendering high quality social work services. PROCARE Western Cape has been involved in the Agricultural Sector since 2005 and they are currently working on more than 100 farms and cellars focusing on Employee Wellbeing Programmes and/or training in agriculture.

This programme will establish a foundation of trust and create an environment where all members within the business can communicate effectively and raise grievances comfortably. The ideal will remain to teach businesses the importance of these skills and allow for a trusting environment within the workplace among all levels of employees.