The measurement of risk and evaluation of a non-compliance through online audit reports forms the basis for any buyer to be able to make a risk-based decision on a particular supplier. As this proves true, it sometimes happens that reports are not clear enough in their description of non-compliances, or the correct risk ratings are not allocated. As this is a crucial determining factor for buyers to make decisions, it is to be expected that auditors are competent in raising non-compliances, along with rating the risk associated with it. The same is true for the producer, who needs to be able to mitigate these risks within their business. By identifying the correct risk and finding the root cause, the real key to driving continuous improvement is unlocked. Elevating auditors’ competency in writing adequate non-compliances and being able to indicate the performance of a business more accurately, allows for more consistent audit reports where non-compliances are indicated, and trustworthy audit outcomes are displayed.

Training for auditors:

The writing and description of non-compliances is deemed a very important part of being a competent lead auditor for the SIZA programme. This training is aimed at enhancing the knowledge of experienced lead auditors. During this course, we will provide auditors with a broader and more strategic view of analysing non-compliances so that they can determine the root cause of a non-compliance. It will assist auditors in creating a risk analysis so that they can have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the risk level associated with the non-compliance. This will aid in the writing and communication of audit reports and corrective action plans. The goal is also to allow buyers to gain more insight into the understanding behind certain non-compliances and having the risk rating make sense with the description of the finding.

Training for producers:

As producers also struggle to understand the reasoning behind auditor’s findings and risk ratings, this training will provide producers with better insight into how auditors raise findings and will equip them with better knowledge on how to identify risk within their own business. This training will help to give producers an understanding of the reason behind the risk and assist with identifying the correct improvement needed to prevent the risk from re-occurring. In the end, it will ensure that producers can spot possible findings so that they can correct them prior to an audit.

This training will provide a good foundation for auditors and producers to measure and mitigate risks pertaining to the SIZA requirements. This will in turn build trust and reliability into the audit result, whilst driving the SIZA vision of continuous improvement. This will aid in writing and communicating a reflection of the audit experience which will ensure that buyers gain more insight into the understanding behind certain non-compliances and having the risk rating make sense with a factual description of the finding and the non-compliance.