Expanded Public Works Programme,” also referred to as EPWP, refers to a programme that provides public or community services through various government programmes. These programmes normally include environmental projects, social community upliftment programmes, construction, and more. What is the producer’s responsibility when an EPWP is working on their farm? Is it the same as a Temporary Employment Services (TES)?

As these projects are run by government-funded initiates and through approved agents and contractors, they are separate from the producer’s responsibility. There are very specific laws governing the requirements for these workers that are part of an EPWP, such as specific working hours, wages, type of work, etc. Auditors will, however, attempt to verify if there is an EPWP on the farm, but it will not form part of the audit scope as it is not part of the producer’s responsibility. Unless the producer’s business themselves are the registered EPWP, then the responsibility to maintain these requirements falls onto the EPWP or agency implementing it and not the producer.

If your business is unsure whether a particular contractor is part of the Department of Public Works EPW programme, feel free to let us know or contact the Department directly here: Contact Us.