The first hurdle:

One of the most time-consuming aspects of agriculture is recording specific business-related inputs. This entails capturing data from metered records on site, sifting through piles of paperwork to compare recorded data, logging purchases of agrochemicals and usage records, and above all, comparing data over time to establish if the input and outcome relationship is sustainable, profitable, and realistic.

By implementing the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping system, you do not only eliminate redundant recordkeeping and drawing data over from one sheet to the other, but you have maximum data security on an easy-to-use platform, manageable by the click of a button. With a standardised means of capturing data and the possibility of continuous monitoring and examining of data, you shift your focus to understanding the efficacy of business inputs and the feasibility of outcomes, rather than being blinded by heaps of records that must be simplified to understand what exactly you are recording.

With an innovative approach to effortless organisational functionality, you cross the most significant hurdle of controlling time, allowing you to shift your focus to what is essential within your business — sustainable financial growth.

Understanding the race against time

Understanding how recordkeeping can assist in growing your business is one aspect, but more prominent factors are at play in this day and age, and therefore urgency should be placed on the race for sustainability.

Sustainability can be summarised as the optimisation of your business inputs to ensure that natural resources are used as effectively as possible, and that other business practices do not affect the availability of natural resources. But it also includes the control and understanding of negative outputs such as your emissions of greenhouse gasses.

With the implementation of the Carbon Tax Act of 2019, pressure can be minimised if you have a complete understanding of how your input-outcome relationships can be managed and controlled to record your carbon emissions in relation to your total production outputs and assist you in optimising production outputs, in turn minimising business inputs and your carbon emissions.

Therefore, the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme does not only assist you in taking control of your time, but it drives sustainability and profitability, and assists in a greener, cleaner future for all.

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