Agribusinesses operate in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, and the task of keeping records of production inputs tends to come second when it comes to everyday business operations. However, Recordkeeping and traceability of production inputs and outputs are arguably the most important factors for driving continuous improvement and the efficiency and profitability of agribusinesses. SIZA has recognised producers' need for a cost-effective and streamlined recordkeeping programme and has incorporated a digital recordkeeping functionality as part of the well-established MySIZA platform.

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The SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme provides cost-effective monitoring that is available to all sectors and commodities for any producer or facility. The programme further allows management to learn and grow from their own experiences and evaluate the effectiveness of current management practices.

To ensure accurate interpretation and analyses of data, it is important that the capturing of data is done correctly. As these interpretations, comparisons, and analyses will be based on timelines and commodities, it is important that management select their production cycle correctly and include all commodities from the beginning of capturing on the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme. 

As the SIZA Environmental Standard follows an integrated approach towards environmental sustainability, SIZA Digital Recordkeeping allows producers to keep records of their water, energy, and chemical usage, as well as waste production and to measure the efficiency with which these inputs are managed.

Functionalities of the programme include digital dashboards, where members can track data in real-time, as well as automatically generated annual PDF reports of captured data.

Another exciting function is the built-in functionality in partnership with Confronting Climate Change, where members can request their carbon footprint to be calculated using the data they have captured on MySIZA, eliminating duplication and reducing the need for manual recordkeeping.

With the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping being a monitoring tool, it will allow management and/or stakeholders to keep track of their production inputs and monitor the effectiveness of day-to-day operations. This monitoring, in turn, allows management to identify areas where improvements are needed and assists in implementing appropriate actions to improve the productivity of their site in the pursuit of achieving sustainability targets toward improving water use efficiency, improving energy use efficiency, reducing waste going to landfill, and reducing emissions to air.

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