As recordkeeping and target-setting are the foundation of continuous improvement, using the digital recordkeeping functionality will assist producers in monitoring their day-to-day activities on their respective sites. This monitoring in turn allows management to identify areas where improvements are needed and assists in implementing appropriate actions to improve the productivity of their site in the pursuit of achieving sustainability targets. However, the digital recordkeeping functionality will not only be beneficial to producers but also to markets and buyers, as it will allow markets and buyers, once approved by the producer,  to digitally track their suppliers’ progress made towards:

  • Improving their water use efficiency.
  • Improving their energy use efficiency.
  • Reducing waste going to landfill.
  • Reducing emissions to air.

Furthermore, as all information is centralised on the MySIZA platform, once enough data has been captured, it will assist industry to manage their risks and provide markets with an overview of where their suppliers are on their journey towards sustainability.

The SIZA programme is so much more than just an audit

In addition to the above, SIZA is taking the functionality of MySIZA to new heights by launching a new tool called the Digital Recordkeeping Tool. The implementation of the digital recordkeeping functionality allows producers to capture their monthly production inputs by using standardised methods which will allow them to analyse trends, and to monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) within their business.

With the vision of enabling the South African Agricultural sector to be a global leader in ensuring sustainable, ethical trade and environmental stewardship, the Digital Recordkeeping Tool will strengthen the SIZA Programme’s alignment with overarching policies and track progress made towards sustainability targets for South Africa as a whole. In addition to this, the SIZA digital recordkeeping function will help to put practices into perspective, as standardised methods and calculations are used.

The Protection and sharing of Data

All data gathered on MySIZA belongs to the producer, therefore no data will be shared without the producer’s permission. To gain visibility on the performance of their suppliers, markets or buyers will have to request visibility on MySIZA. Only once a formal request for visibility has been sent on MySIZA and permission has been granted by the member, will they have access to the member’s data.

Who can use the Digital Recordkeeping Tool?

As SIZA is a multi-sector agricultural programme, the Digital Recordkeeping Functionality will accommodate the capturing of production (farm) and packing/processing (packhouse) data on separate checklists, allowing members to only add data that is applicable to their business setup. Although SIZA is a South African based programme, the Digital Recordkeeping Tool will be made available to all commodities as well as to global producers outside the borders of South Africa.

For more information on the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Tool, please contact Henko Vlok on