With a vision of enabling South African agriculture to be a global leader in ensuring sustainable, ethical trade and environmental stewardship, SIZA is considering implementing a key performance indicator (KPI) functionality as part of the well-established South African programme. KPIs are measurable values that illustrate how effectively a company is achieving its goals and objectives.

As record-keeping and target setting form the foundation of continuous improvement, the implementation of the SIZA KPI-functionality would enable members to assess whether they are on track to meet their goals and to put practice into perspective, as standardised methods and calculations are used to track progress over time. Individual producers would be able to measure their performance against their own goals while collecting and generating data in order to track their progress. This functionality will not only be beneficial to producers but also to buyers, as the SIZA KPI-functionality would be embedded in the MySIZA online platform, and will allow buyers to digitally track their suppliers’ progress made towards:

  • Improving their water-use efficiency
  • Improving their energy efficiency
  • Reducing waste going to landfill
  • Reducing emissions to air

The KPI-functionality would assist buyers to manage their risks on a finer scale and provide them with an overview of where suppliers are on their journey towards environmental stewardship. In turn, buyers will be able to make better-informed decisions regarding the environmental compliance of their suppliers.