To raise awareness on base-level, SIZA has developed an environmental stewardship video with the aim to help both producers and agri-workers to live and work more sustainably. The SIZA Caring for the Environment videos are available in Afrikaans, English, and isiXhosa, and are supported by posters which can be displayed in agri-worker areas. The videos have the aim to inform agri-workers of the importance of looking after the environment and that everyone working and living on farms have a responsibility to care for the environment. Saving water, clearing invasive alien plants, saving electricity and fuel, as well as pollution and fire prevention, are the key focus points of the videos. These focus points are portrayed visually through the posters to encapsulate the principles of environmental conservation that are relevant to agri-workers.

The videos are available on YouTube and can be accessed through the below links. The videos are also available on USB flash drives which can be ordered from the SIZA office, along with the posters which are also available in the three different languages. If you would like to order these videos on USB, please contact Erika de Villiers at or on (021) 852 8184.