In the fast-paced world of agribusiness, buyers and retailers face the ongoing challenge of ensuring the sustainability and efficiency of their supply chains. SIZA has heard and recognised retailers’ and buyers’ need for a cost-effective and streamlined monitoring programme to evaluate and monitor their supply chains and, therefore has incorporated a digital recordkeeping traceability functionality as part of the well-established MySIZA platform.

The SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme

The SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme provides cost-effective monitoring for buyers, such as retailers and supermarkets to evaluate their supply chains effectively so that they can source sustainably with confidence from South Africa. The programme further allows buyers to monitor and evaluate their suppliers to determine sustainability and the progress made to reducing their environmental impact in terms of a Carbon Footprint.

The Power of Traceability

The SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme offers an integrated approach to environmental sustainability, allowing producers, packhouses, and processing facilities to meticulously record their inputs and outputs. This includes data on products grown, packed, or processed, as well as water, energy, and chemical usage. It also covers waste production and assesses the efficiency with which these resources are managed. The collected data can easily be uploaded to the SIZA platform, where it is analysed and converted into impact assessments. This process ensures that buyers can confidently assert the sustainability and risk mitigation of their entire value chain through the MySIZA visibility platform.

Enhanced Visibility and Traceability

One of the core strengths of this programme is the enhanced visibility it provides. Annual risk-based reports are available on a supplier level, along with digital dashboards that summarise data from suppliers over the course of a year. This means buyers can gain real-time insights into the sustainability and efficiency of their supply chain, promoting well-informed decision-making. It also allows brands and buyers to download CSV files so that they can incorporate this data into their own data platforms.

Confronting Climate Change Partnership Ensures Credibility

A particularly exciting feature of the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme is its partnership with Confronting Climate Change. This collaboration allows producers to request the calculation of their carbon footprint from a 3rd party after which the reports are seamlessly integrated into the information available to buyers. The result is a comprehensive, centralised platform on MySIZA that offers complete visibility and traceability with credible data across the South African supply chain.

Improving Supplier Productivity and Sustainability

As a monitoring tool, the SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Programme empowers stakeholders to track their suppliers’ production inputs and assess the effectiveness of daily operations. This oversight allows buyers to identify areas for improvement and ultimately enhance the productivity of their suppliers. The pursuit of sustainability targets, such as improved water and energy use efficiency, waste reduction, and emissions reduction, becomes more manageable with these insights.

Having SIZA as a compliance partner

As always, the SIZA office consistently delivers on its promise of providing excellent service and support to help brands and buyers efficiently manage their supply chains in South Africa. Over the years, SIZA has proven itself as an organisation that can be trusted to fulfil its commitments. Our hands-on approach and deep understanding of the South African landscape contribute to a valuable and outstanding partnership.”


To learn more about the SIZA programme or the Digital Recordkeeping functionality and how it can be used throughout your supply chain, please contact the SIZA office on 021 852 8184 or send an email to

Written by Carmen Botes