SIZA enables South African Agriculture to be a global leader ensuring sustainable ethical trade and environmental stewardship.
    A commitment of continued improvement of labour conditions and environmental assurance on all farms in a practical and comprehensive manner, which has the potential to benefit businesses and impact positively on hundreds of thousands of employees. 
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    Designed to assist growers in evaluating their current ethical compliance and environmental risks, both at a farm and regional/catchment level.
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    The SIZA programme developed and implemented capacity-building programmes which aims to drive sustainable and continuous improvement of working and living conditions on farms.
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    SIZA aims through the platform, to give visibility throughout the value chain to retailers, importers and exporters on their suppliers. Click to Register


SIZA, the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa, provides a platform for agricultural stakeholders to ensure ethical and environmentally sustainable trade. This platform monitors care for the environment and compliance with labour legislation. Our aim is to encourage continuous improvement in practices over time in excess of the minimum legal requirements. We engage directly with our stakeholders throughout the value chain in order to identify needs and issues. Interventions and support tools are created by measuring member compliance over time.



The Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA), a membership based free standing, non-profit company, designed to assist growers with ethical labour and environmental practice compliance whilst minimizing costs. It is a South African standard, developed, owned and operated in South Africa but aligned to global best practices.  SIZA aims to have a cost effective approach for growers by supplying one standard and one audit no matter which market a producer supplies.



SIZA membership is growing rapidly as guided by an effective and modern technology platform.  At the end of September 2019 we had a membership of 2043 with  257 new registrations since the 1st of January 2019. 1511 social/ethical audits were done and uploaded to the Platform since November 2015. 

1348 Environmental Self-assessment Questionnaires (SAQ's) were completed and approved since September 2017.

Across the 3 platforms (SIZA, Sedex and GlobalG.A.P) SIZA is now link to 209 businesses that operates in 17 different markets.




SIZA Environmental 3rd party audits

SIZA Environmental 3rd party audits will from now onwards be conducted as a combined audit with GlobalG.A.P. This means that the audit will be conducted on the same day but in the end the supplier will receive a free-standing SIZA environmental report which will go through SIZA’s review processes to receive a rating, after which an Audit Completion Letter will be issued. Environmental data will also be visible on the GlobalG.A.P. platform once the link between the two platforms has been completed.

However, it is also possible to do a stand-alone SIZA Environmental 3rd party audit.

We hope that this cost effective approach will be beneficial to all.

Download the press release here.

SIZA Focus Newsletter

In this Newsletter we announced the following:

  • MySIZA – your door to sustainability in South Africa
  • SIZA/GlobalG.A.P. Agreement on environmental 3rd party audits
  • Feedback on the SIZA seminar in Berlin
  • Meet Ellen Pay – new Market Ambassador for SIZA

Download the SIZA Focus Newsletter Issue 4 here.