To assist members with gaining a better understanding of their audit findings and the risk ratings, SIZA developed a training course which will provide primary members with insight and a better understanding as to the process that auditors follow to raise a finding and allocate a specific risk rating to the finding. This will also assist members to manage possible risks in the workplace, which is a crucial part of everyday operations for any business. This will reduce hazards, ensure better preparation for the audit, and continuous improvement will take place. With a better understanding of how to compile and implement effective risk assessments to improve areas within a business, primary members will be able to get fewer findings during their SIZA audit.

The dates for the above training session are made available routinely through newsletters as well as on our social media pages. If you are interested to attend any of the training sessions, please contact Erika de Villiers at erika@siza.co.za or on (021) 852 8184. Terms and conditions apply.

Click here to download the SIZA Understanding Audit Findings booklet.