Terms & Conditions of Training


SIZA Training Terms and Conditions

SIZA offers a variety of initiatives under our capacity building section. These initiatives are offered to members free of charge as part of the membership that is paid for the SIZA profile. It is important that members attend training regularly as support to the audit programme, as well as to stay up to date with new initiatives and changes to the SIZA programme and MySIZA platform. Unfortunately, after learning some lessons from some previous training, the following rules need to be brought in to these free sessions:

  • Members who RSVP and/or register for training sessions, but who can no longer attend the session must please cancel in advance so that other members on the waiting list can also have the opportunity to attend.
    • It will be expected of members who do not inform SIZA that they will not be able to attend a training session they RSVP/registered for, to pay for the session.
    • Training certificates will not be distributed to members with less than 85% attendance rate, or who did not answer the polls during training.