Terms and Conditions of SIZA Digital Recordkeeping Promotional Offer

  • Promotional membership cannot be transferred to third parties
  • The current capturing cycle must be completed within 12 months of registration, otherwise the member will be liable for the subscription cost for one year.
  • The promotional offer cannot be redeemed for cash value.
  • Members with a free or subsidised membership are not eligible for this promotion (i.e. Level 1c and 1d members).
  • Members are responsible for the necessary communication relating to their data capturing and for supplying the required information according to SIZA's request.
  • SIZA undertakes to do the capturing for one fully complete 12-month cycle, provided the member supplies the required information to SIZA.
  • If the data required to be captured is not sent to SIZA within the agreed-upon timelines after the promotional offer has been applied, the member will be liable for the cost of the Digital Recordkeeping Programme for one year.
  • Members must attend a technical training webinar after registration.
  • This offer only extends to new Digital Recordkeeping registrations in an effort to ease the initial capturing process and is not available to members who are already registered for SIZA Digital Recordkeeping.
  • The promotional offer does not extend to or include the cost associated with calculating a Carbon Footprint with a third-party.
  • Full SIZA Membership Terms & Conditions will apply upon registration.