The SIZA Programme provides the following two options for members to raise queries or complaints with the focus on changing the SIZA Standard requirements or methodology:

  1. A formal audit dispute process where auditees can query an audit finding that was raised against their farm, packing, or processing facility on the day of the audit; and
  2. A formal application to have the SIZA Standard requirements changed or adapted, which will, in turn, impact the SIZA Audit Checklist.

1. Audit Dispute Procedure

This process must happen online and be raised against a specific finding of a particular audit. The dispute may only be raised by the primary member listed on the platform impacted by this finding. The dispute will be managed according to the procedure specified in the SIZA Dispute Procedure. Please review this process to familiarise yourself with the timelines and the procedure that will be followed to get to an outcome:

2. Application to change or adapt the SIZA Standard Requirements

The application process allows registered members of the SIZA programme to formally request a review of a specific code requirement(s) contained in either the SIZA Social or Environmental Standard. The following is relevant to this application:

  • The SIZA Standards must each undergo a review process every three years, according to market requirements. Therefore, if an application for change is approved, it will form part of the 3-year review process cycle.
  • The review and approval process for a change must undergo several layers of review, which includes the market’s (buyer’s) permission, as it will influence global market acceptance of the SIZA programme.
  • A change to the SIZA code cannot oppose or be lower than legislative requirements. Therefore, please review the applicable South African legislation before submitting an application for change to SIZA. Also note that several laws are incorporated in the SIZA Standard requirements, not just the labour laws, for example. Follow the link to see the different relevant legislation:
  • For all the Environmental legislation, you can access:
  • For all the Social/Ethical legislation, you can access:
    • Any individual or organisation that is a registered SIZA member can apply for a change by completing the application form in full. The outcome will be communicated to the applicant in due course, but it might take some time to reach the outcome as several workgroups and value chain experts are involved in the standard review process.

The application form to change or adapt a Code Requirement in the SIZA Standard(s) or Policy documents can be downloaded here: